Friendship Loaves

The taste of freshly baked Challah without the hard work
We’re all about recognizing abilities, especially when they smell and taste as good as freshly baked Challah! Friendship Loaves is a project of Friendship Circle, to offer culinary opportunities to our Specially Talented Friends.

Become A Baker

Friendship comes in many flavors. We’re focused on four:

Pure Friendship

Our take on plain, classic Challah

Cinnamon & Sugar

We can all use a little more sweetness in our life.

Za'atar Garlic

Savor the moment and enjoy!

Friendship's Everything

Friendship adds the best flavor to life

Friendship Loaves Order

The taste of fresh Challah without the hard work.

  • Plain Challah with a hint of sweetness
    Price: $6.00
  • Like a cinnamon bun without the glaze
    Price: $6.00
  • Savory Challah with a Middle-Eastern flair
    Price: $6.00
  • Friendship adds the best flavor to life
    Price: $6.00
  • $0.00