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Interactive Dream Room Projector $20,000


We all have times when we feel unsettled and out of control. That’s one of the great things about Jeremy’s Dream Room. Outfitted with a ceiling-mounted interactive projector, our friends can regain a sense of control by choosing their setting and through their motions and sounds they can manipulate the scene. Maybe they’re at the Beach and digging in the sand, or in a Rainforest and moving the vines aside as they explore and call to the different birds, or they’re in the Mountains and they’ve stopped at a creek skip stones in the water, or they’re in Outer Space and they’re navigating around comets and stars; the possibilities are endless.

Special Friends, Teen Friends, ZABS Talent, After-School Programs, Families, School Groups, Youth Groups, and Therapists.

This interactive projector is extremely versatile and is connected to a library of sensory activities and games making it an ideal play tool for our friends who have trouble connecting through language.

Art & Creativity Spot $100,000

art room

Art is recognized as an important way for people with special needs to express themselves; especially when other forms of communication are more difficult. Utilizing a variety of materials, for varying levels of complexity, the art room will encourage each individual to show off his/her interests and creative ability.

Keeping the room finishes neutral in color will create a backdrop for our friends’ art to truly take the spotlight. This space will allow for free-form, structured art, and art therapy all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Special Friends, Teen Friends, ZABS Talent, After-School Programs, Families, School Groups, Youth Groups, and Therapists.

Inclusive art programs, lessons, therapy sessions and various activities for individuals with special needs and their typically-developing peers will take place here. Upcycling University classes, a project of ZABS Place, will also be taught in this space. 

Parent Lounge and Lobby Area$75,000

What about Parents? Designed with you in mind, we’re building a peaceful place to relax, get some work done, meet other parents and network while your child is enjoying a program and hanging with friends. Whether you need to plug-in and work at the Computer Station, or unplug and read a book in the Lounge area with some snacks from the Kitchenette, we’ve got you covered.
Parents, Grandparents, and Therapists

We’re all about creating and supporting friendships and we think parents are, “fair game.” For those times when dropping off and picking up leaves little time in between, the Parent lounge will provide a comfortable spot to refuel, meet other parents, and make friends. We will also have a schedule of classes and other parent-oriented events taking place in the Lounge.

Parent Refreshment Station – $25,000

How about enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea and some fresh baked goods while your child’s at a program? Would you prefer some baby carrots and avocado or a bag of pretzels, maybe an energy bar for a little boost?  Come enjoy our fully stocked snack station and enjoy some “Me Time”. Better yet – have a favorite snack you’d love to see? Just add it to our list and leave the shopping to us! How’s that for a nice treat?
Parents, Grandparents, and Therapists

We’re all about creating and supporting friendships and we think parents are, “fair game.” For those times when dropping off and picking up leaves little time in between, the Parent Refreshment Station is the best place to refuel.

Friendship Nerve Center – Offices$50,000


The main offices will serve as more than just the nerve-center for all Friendship Circle and UMatter programs; they will offer opportunities for job training and skill-building for our older Friends. Cheerful and bright, with lots of storage, we’ve got lots to pack in this behind-the-scenes space. But, don’t worry because we’re all about being front-and-center when you need to talk, or laugh, or dream… or just about anything; we’re here for you. Always.

Friendship Circle Staff, Therapists, and Special Talent-in-Training.

While we do have homes, and we even sleep a few hours each night, Friendship Circle is our second home. There’s hardly a time we’re not here. Want to chat? Have something on your mind? Drop in or text or call, we’re always here for you.

UMatter Wall – $25,000

An interactive digital wall where teens can write empowering messages and share impactful ideas and then watch them come to life as it ripples on and they can see their effect. Kindness, caring, and positivity can be contagious and are the first steps in any worthwhile leadership initiative.

Musical Staircase – $25,000


Let’s take a moment to listen to life’s music. We all have our own rhythm and dance to our own beat. On their own, or partnering with Friends, this metaphor will come to life as our Friends bound up the piano stairs and create their own music for all to enjoy.

Indoor Natural Sensory Park – $150,000

What happens when you bring the joy of the outdoors inside and add sensory-friendly elements without the worries of weather? We’ve set out to create a space that offers something for all ages, stages, and abilities. With its natural color scheme, realistic features including trees, hills, and “stone” climbing wall this play areas will be equally inviting to our older friends who might otherwise feel “too old” to enjoy certain play areas.

Other features include: Interchangeable sensory swings, trampoline “creek” and foam pit, zip-line and ball pit, and other specialty equipment. This room is designed to facilitate the development of gross motor skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Special Friends, Teen Friends, Families, School Groups, Youth Groups, and Therapists.

The Sensory Park will be one of the most active parts of the new Friendship Circle center. With so many fun activities to enjoy in such a welcoming environment, our friends will never guess they’re actually learning and building physical, cognitive, developmental, and interpersonal skills. Shh! Don’t spill the beans. With its many accessibility features, it may be the first time many friends will experience a zip-line, a jungle gym, or climbing a rock wall.

Who doesn’t love spending a day in the park with friends?

 Trampoline & Ball Pit “Creek” – $25,000

In the middle of our park runs a welcoming “creek” with a custom printed in-floor trampoline and a water inspired ball pit. This refreshing sensory break will be a wonderful, accessible, feature for our friends to enjoy without ever getting wet!

Special Friends, Teen Friends, Families, School Groups, Youth Groups, and Therapists.

With its sensory feedback so many of our friends crave, this area is sure to get lots of use.

Interchangeable Swings $25,000


There’s something wonderfully soothing about hammocks, swings, and even porch rockers. Maybe it’s the predictability or the rhythm that we like. It’s not just something that we find enjoyable, it’s actually important work for our brains. The vestibular stimulation help us process sensory information. The gentle back-and-forth motion helps calm overstimulated children, improves balance, and develops important motor skills. We are excited to have several swings with different features that can be interchanged to keep them exciting and fresh and offer the best for our friends. 

Friendship Flyer – Zipline $50,000

Whether a rope tied to a tree at the lake, or one in the backyard, who has never imagined being Tarzan (or a monkey) swinging from the trees? Well we’re all about making dreams come true for ALL our Friends. We’re pretty sure our Zipline is the first accessible Zipline of its kind, with interchangeable seats to make sure each of our monkeys friends feel comfortable as they swing from the trees. Feeling brave? How about jumping off into the foam pit “river” below?

2-Story TubeSlide + Wheelchair Lift – $50,000
Friendship Heights – Realistic Mountain Climbing Wall – $35,000
 As the sensory park will be that of a realistic outdoor nature feel. i.e. The climbing wall footings will look more like realistic rocks as opposed to being primary colored.
Sensory Play Area – In-floor Trampoline, Ball Pit & Wheelchair Accessible Jungle Gym – $50,000 (Reserved)

The therapeutic play center will be designed to resemble a park, complete with trees, benches and an abundance of natural light. This accessible space is designed so all children can have the freedom to enjoy a day in the park.    

Wheelchair Lift $50,000


Like being too short to ride the roller coaster, like having to pass on dessert because of an allergy, it’s really tough to have to miss out on fun because it wasn’t designed with you in mind. We’re all about making sure our Fun Zone is an incredible place for ALL our Friends. Yes, we’re building it with them in mind. Can’t take the Musical Staircase up to the Friendship Loft? Not to worry. That doesn’t mean the Friendship Slide, Treehouse, and the rest of the Loft are out of reach. How ’bout taking a ride in the Lift? Remember, many paths lead to the same fun!

Friendship Heights – Climbing Wall $50,000

Forget about the primary color footholds that serve as reminders that this is just pretend. We’re all about REAL joy, REAL accomplishments and REAL Friendships! That’s why Friendship Heights is being custom designed to be both realistically 3D terrain and safe for our Friends. Where else will you find an accessible climbing wall that can accommodate different levels of physical abilities? This isn’t a game of Twister, no need to learn to put “Left Foot on Red, Right Hand on Blue”. So let’s learn to be aware of our environment, find solutions, build skills, and reach incredible heights!

Friendship Tube Slide $25,000

So now let’s master the Tube Slide. So much to love about it. There’s the thrill, the accomplishment, and the sense of independence. But it can be scary, and dark, and you have to go alone, and you wonder what happens once inside, and other kids are waiting… Oh the pressure!

But, not at Friendship Circle. Our slide is transparent so you can watch others take a turn so you know what to expect. Our slide is roomy enough to go with a parent or friend. Our slide makes it easy to see out so there are no unfriendly surprises and you can see all your friends cheering you on and ready to congratulate you on your new accomplishment. We can’t wait! 

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