Teen Friends

You CAN change the way society thinks!

Nothing makes someone feel better about themselves than spending time with friends who truly care. Through Friendship Circle, remarkable bonds are created between children and teens with special needs and their Teen Friends. Our Teen Friends’ commitment and willingness to spend time hanging out and learning from their Special Friends reminds us that today’s teens are caring, compassionate, and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of every child and adult they meet.

Our Teen Friends…


from our Special Friends. They’re the purest teachers and best friends!


the perspective of individuals with special needs and recognize their unique abilities.


a more inclusive community by having fun and sharing with others.

Make a Difference

in their life AND their new friend’s!

In case you’re wondering…

Who is Friendship Circle for?

Friendship Circle is for anyone who needs a friend and our main focus is on helping children, teens, and young adults with special needs make friends with their typically developing peers. Brought together by friendship and trust, our Friends form a warm and welcoming community which extends to their families and beyond.

What does Friendship Circle do?

Friendship Circle offers weekly programs for our friends to enjoy together. Friendship Circle’s mission is to integrate children and teens with special needs into a warm and accepting community, and to provide inclusive social programs for them and their families.

What do Friendship Circle Teen Friends do?

Teen Friends come to Friendship Circle to hang out and develop a friendship with a child or peer with special needs, their “Special Friend”. The mission is to become their Best Friend!
Like you, our Special Friends have parents, siblings, teachers and doctors. All they’re missing is a true friend.

How old must I be to be a Teen Friend?

Our Teen Friends are High School age, 9th-12th grade and we offer a Junior Teen Friend program for Bar & Bat Mitzvah teens.

Is there a commitment I have to make to get involved?

Teen Friends who sign up for the “Friends Together” program must commit to weekly, hour-long, visits for the duration of the CMS school year. (Friends Together doesn’t meet on Shabbat, during School Break, and on Jewish Holidays) Make sure you are ready for this year-long commitment before you sign up.