With the Friendship Circle end of year event coming up on May 4th (save the date!) we’ll be focusing on getting our art pieces ready for the Art Auction we’ll be having. So where’s the Lifeskills in that? Well…

Each of our friends will be identifying a piece they’d like to create for the auction, and preparing a shopping list for the supplies they’ll need. Then we’ll work on budgeting so we know how much we can “spend” when we go materials “shopping” with our lists, in the fully stocked supplies closet. Then we’ll get busy creating!We’d love to have at least one piece from each friend on display at the auction so we hope to see all of our friends on Sunday!

  • April 27th ~ We’ll be finishing our art and using our expense sheets to figure out starting prices for our auction pieces. We’ll also discuss “Ma’aser” (giving 10% of earnings to charity)
  • May 4th ~ The money raised from the Art Auction will go straight to our artists!

** Attention Teen Friends: Please join us at 4:00pm @ for program orientation **

This program will be held at Lubavitch Educational Center, 6619 Sardis Road. For more information and to RSVP email rochel@friendshipcircleNC.org or call 704-366-5983